Spiritual Companionship & Compassionate End-of-Life Doula Care

Gentle guidance and support to create a peaceful and meaningful death.

I am an ordained interfaith minister & certified end of life doula, trained to be a sacred presence outside the conventions of traditional religion. I've made it my life's work to offer the comfort and guidance my clients need to navigate the intimate and often emotional waters of the death and dying experience.

I welcome the heart-felt questions and conversations that arise at this significant time of life. I want to ensure that precious memories are expressed and preserved and that families have the options and resources they need to carry out their loved one's final wishes.

Hi, I'm Rebecca Wecks, M.Div

Interfaith Minister & End-of-Life Doula

As a spiritual companion and end-of-life doula, I welcome the opportunity to walk with you, honoring the path you have chosen. My experience has taught me that when a loved one is coping with a terminal illness, families can feel unprepared for the important conversations about final wishes and spiritual beliefs. I offer a warm heart and a steady hand to all concerned during this extraordinary transition.

I know from experience that the extra layer of compassionate care I bring can assure that your, or your loved one's, last days are lived as fully and peacefully as possible.

- Rebecca

End of Life Services in Santa Cruz Area

As a spiritual companion and doula, I offer comfort and peace for you and your loved ones throughout the different stages of the dying process.  With the trusted support you need, you can enjoy peace of mind, free from the weight of unfinished business. I can help you create the space you need to experience connection with loved ones, knowing that the important details are taken care of.

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Legacy Projects

A terminal diagnosis offers an opportunity for deep reflection on all of life's experiences. I help facilitate the creation of either a written or artistic "living memory" that gives a sense of meaning and completion to the person dying, and enriches the lives of those left behind.

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Spiritual Companionship

Within the comfort and privacy of an environment that feels safe, sacred, and personal, I offer the listening ear and peaceful reassurance that enables you to express the deeply held questions and uncertainties that can arise during the last days of life.

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End-of-Life Resources

Working closely with all who are involved in the death and dying process, I can help you clarify and create a unique end-of-life plan that is an expression of who you are and how you want to be memorialized. My list of contacts helps to turn your vision into a reality.

"Dying is the most important thing you do in your life. It's the great frontier for every one of us."

~ Ram Dass ~

Frequently Asked Questions

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing how I can meet your needs.